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"My style comes from not wanting to be overlooked. I'm always bright, flamboyant and energetic with everything I do. I want to stand out with my Art too, so I'm diverse in my approach."

Anthony Arlene is a dynamic and multifaceted artist renowned for his infectious hooks and rapid writing prowess. His storytelling journey began on the playground, where childhood tales quickly transformed into a passion for poetry and songwriting.

In 2016, driven by an insatiable desire for self-expression, Anthony constructed his own home recording studio after a brief stint at the Art Institute of Seattle. Since then, he has penned and recorded over 50 songs, many of which remain unreleased treasures. His versatility shines as he effortlessly navigates through genres such as Rap, R&B, and Funk.

Beyond music, Anthony's artistry knows no bounds. His vibrant personality and high-energy performances captivate audiences, whether he's performing spoken word, teaching, mentoring, or producing music. He has collaborated with a host of Seattle-based talents including Emanuel Brown, King Dow, B-boy Fidget, Charles Zaid,  Mozaia, and Sarey Savy.

Recently accepted into the prestigious music program at the University of Washington, Anthony is set on pushing artistic boundaries even further. Currently, he is immersed in writing and producing his debut Hip-Hop Musical, promising to bring a fresh and electrifying experience to the stage.

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  • Spoken Word and Musical Performances

  • Songwriting Coaching

  • Song Production & Arrangement

  • Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

  • Ghostwriting Services*

  • Features*  

*You must be set up for distribution and signed with a Performance Rights Organization. No co-writing services. 

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