1. HoNeY!

Written, Produced, Performed, and Mixed by AnthonyArlene! Composition by -----
2019. Seattle, WA.


im dripping like
Drip like Honey
hate me
but your baby mother love me
i look like
look like money
hating but you know you love me

im drippin like
slay opps
cant do what i do
aint got the same bop
can't stop
won't stop
i been on a wave
made the boat rock
door locked
dont let him in
if im in the room im the elephant
i can make it drip
no weatherman

listen man
i dont need no instagram
BMs in my DMs when i see them
they be insta fans
it depends
i met let her roll if she cinnamon
send her in
if she got goals and a business plan
1 to 10
im a 10
fresher than a peppermint
i aint really stuck up shawty
im jus in my element
hella drip
everything i said i meant
known to get the bag
big bills like a pelican

show up with a center fold
i can never pick so i just
eenie meenie minie moe
holy flow you should pray
give a damn what Judas say
he just looking jealous
cause i got the juice like Ocean Spray
what you say?
we same
you aint even in the game
please dont make me swell up
take my belt off like im pootie tang
oooh he lame oooh she lame
i should let the oozie bang
I am not a killer
but im killing it
im drippin like